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Feb 11, 2013· Make Tea Yes, a no-brainer here. Fill the French press with tea bags, or even better, loose leaf tea, and proceed as usual. Froth Milk Add a bit of milk and pump the plunger up and down (gently) the milk will froth up in no time. And even make whipped cream!

can i use my french press for tea

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What should one know about brewing tea in a French press

May 08, 2016· I've used my french press for both coffee and tea. Its absolutely effective strainer for tea loose leaf tea. Ground coffee is generally finer than whole tea, so the french press has a finer strainer than is strictly necessary. The french press has a real advantage over a ball strainer though.

How to Make Tea Using a French Press: A Simple Guide

A French Press for tea is essentially the same thing. Instead of placing ground coffee into the press, you place loose leaf tea. The steeping method works the same way for both, with one small difference. This key difference is the secret I find to making a really good cup of tea and is how I make tea using a French Press. More on that below.

How To Make Loose Leaf Tea In A French Press /col Steeping time reference: TEA TYPE WATER TEMP STEEP TIME. WHITE 175People also askHow to make perfect tea with a French press?How to make perfect tea with a French press?Pour your hot water into the French press and put the lid on to help retain heat, but do not press the plunger. Brew the tea in the French press for the appropriate length of time for your type of tea. Green tea: 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes. Black or red tea: 3 to 4 minutes. Herbal tea: 5 to 15 minutes.

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14 {Other} Ways to Use a French Coffee Press

The thing thats especially great about using my new french press is how big it is. It will hold up to Make an herbal infusion for medicinal preparations and soap making by using bulk herbs and Coffee (and hot cocoa) drinkers will love the ability to add frothy milk to the top of their drinks. Add a We enjoy organic quinoa almost daily, but its a complete pain to rinse. Ive begun using my new See full list on preparednessmama.com

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