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The Brix % of a solution is a measure of the sugar content of a solution. Since the sugar content of a coffee extraction varies directly with the TDS % of a solution, a formula can be applied to derive the TDS % from the Brix %: Brix % * 0.85 = TDS % 6. coffee refractometer

Tiaoyeer Brix Refractometer with ATC Digital Handheld Refractometer for Beer Wine Fruit Sugar, Dual Scale

While this question can be best answered by personal preference, many coffee connoisseurs would recommend that the most desirable extraction of coffee is at 18

For now, the key is to brew coffee within the "Optimal Balance" having 1.15

Strictly speaking the º Brix is only accurate for a solution composed strictly of sucrose and water, as it is a measure of the percent sugar by weight in a sugar-water solution (eg., a solution with 10 gm sugar and 90 gm water is a 10% sugar solution and therefore a 10 º Brix solution).

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Oct 19, 2009· (Extraction yield is the amount of the original dry coffee that ends up in dissolved in your cup). And numerous studies over many decades have concluded that the best balanced cup results when your extraction yield is in the 19-20% range, although this may vary according to the coffee

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* While a Brix refractometer can be used, they tend to be less accurate and require more calculations, which is why perhaps even more important than Fedeles invention of the refractometer device itself is the accompanying software, VST CoffeeTools. Together they make a highly useable and easy-to-understand system that is becoming more commonly used in roasteries, beverage R&D departments for large retail companies, cupping

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