September 21, 2019

Travelling Weekend

Discovering legends of the Niasvizh Castle

Discovering legends of the Niasvizh Castle

Travel Plan

September 21, 2019
Start from outside the Marriott Hotel at 11.00 am by bus.
The whole trip will take at least 7 hours.
Lunch is included.
To have with you: Comfortable shoes and clothes, a camera and a good mood!

Wherever you go in Belarus, impressions of the land covered by leafy forests and thousands of lakes will trigger strong emotions, as will a visit to the Niasvizh Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a long history.

The first known mention of the castle dates from 1445, although its origins are traced to the XII-XIII centuries. The original construction was made of wood, and the first stone palace was erected during the ownership of the Radziwiłł magnate family in 1583. The castle’s complex history altered greatly its original plans. Structures were added, and the complex was surrounded by gardens and parks that further enhance its appeal. Years of neglect after the first World War took their toll on this enchanting landmark, but the complex was restored in early 2000, and since 2012, when the castle reopened as a museum, and the Belarusian fairy tale lives on.

We will visit the Radziwill family complex that consists of a residential castle and the Corpus Christi mausoleum-church, along with their landscaped setting. The compact castle has ten interconnected buildings, including a palace, galleries, residence, family archive and arsenal, all of which were developed as a single architectural ensemble around a six-sided courtyard. The buildings are set within the remains of 16th-century fortifications comprised of four bastions and four curtain walls in a rectangular plan, surrounded by a moat. An earthen dam with a stone bridge connects the castle to Corpus Christi Church in the adjacent urban area of Niasvizh. The ensemble of buildings, interspersed by artificial reservoirs and canals of the river Usha, is in a picturesque 100 ha landscape that includes a series of thematic parks and ponds.

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