how to dispose of coffee grounds from a french press

Coffee Catcher Filters and Simplifies Your French Press

By adding the Coffee Catcher disc to the bottom of your press before adding anything else, removing the coffee after the brew doesn't require tricky sink maneuvers or spoon-scrapingyou just reach


equipment - The best way to clean a French Press coffee

Pour a little water into the french press, swish, and pour into the coffee filter. Repeat until french press is clean. Bring the rim edge of the coffee filter together to form a pouch. Squeeze the pouch to remove excess liquid. Place pouch with grounds in a zip-lock sandwich bag.

I have a small sieve (like the one pictured) that I use for this purpose and it is very quick and easy. Slosh water in the press, pour through the9Pull press apart. The filter and the filter holder should unscrew from the press stem and handle Shake off excess grounds from each component into7My favorite way to clean a french press is to add water into the spent grounds and pour all the contents at the base of a rose bush. It's an easy w7My mother-in-law came up with a brilliant idea. Put a large viva paper towel in the sink and push it down a bit. Swirl water in the pot and slowly5My solution is much like @Michael's. I have a fine mesh sink strainer, like this one: I put a little water in the French press, swirl it around, a4A long handle strainer works so much to my liking that I've come back to share its wonders. It's so simple! And very inexpensive. I love it! Havin3Press a large coffee filter in the sink drain. (box of 1000 available at Sam's Club for less than $8.00) Pour a little water into the french press2I usually fill up the press with water, swirling it around a bit to get the grounds floating around, then flush it down the toilet. IANAP* but I've0Cleaning it out immediately makes it easier to rinse all of the grounds out of the glass pot as well as off of the various layers of pressing/filte0What you could do is: Find an empty yogurt container with a lid. Drill a bunch of small holes into the lid (using a very sharp pencil and poking sh0How to Dispose of French Press Coffee Grounds.Step 1. Push down the plunger located on the top of the press to confirm that all the coffee grounds are packed at the bottom of the carafe.Step 2. Pour out any leftover coffee. Alternately, you can pour it into a sealable container and store it in your fridge.Step 3. Pull the plunger up and remove the mesh filter. It should not have a lot of coffee grounds on it and can be cleaned easily with warm water Step 4. Grip the top of the carafe, and gently remove it from the metal base.Step 5. Scoop out the coffee grounds from the glass carafe with a wooden spoon. A metal utensil may crack the carafe. A plastic utensil may bend
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How to Dispose of French Press Coffee Grounds | eHow

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What is the best way to dispose of coffee beans from a

Trash - grounds from a french press are typically pretty wet even after plunging. If this is a problem for you empty the grounds into a wire mesh strainer before dumping them in the trash. Compost - a great option. You can place wet grounds in a container and give to a friend.

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