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Take the lid off, dump the beans into the grinder hopper and start grinding. The coffee dumps out of the bin with no static every time. Some of the beans will stick to container as I dump them into the hopper. I just scrape them into the bin with my hand. Some of the beans stick to the side of the hopper as I'm grinding.

My grounds bin has a lid . So while the grounds still collect static, they don't fly all over the place when I remove the bin from the grinder. GBest answer · 16Well, recently my coffee guy went on holidays for a few weeks, leaving me to go to elsewhere (I gave Kicking Horse Coffee a shot). Interestingly16As a new coffee lover, I recently got a middle of the line burr grinder which had a very clear line of complainers about 'static' in nearly all the8Tough problem. Static won't persist forever, so waiting a few minutes before opening the drawer may help. Especially in a moderately to highly humi6I came up with a solution to the static that builds up inside the plastic chamber (but not in grinders with glass chambers). I took a length of spe6A dark roasted coffee such as a French Roast has a dryer interior (the inside of the bean) so it is more susceptible to static. It has nothing to d5We have the same problem tooI haven't found a total solution, but I have found that spraying the inside of the grinder cup with a fine mist of w5I'm not a coffee drinker, however, I have ground and made my wife's morning coffee with a French press for almost 6 years. I purchased her a Capres4A length of tin foil that is near the spot where beans shoot into the basket, and enough sticking out to be held by hand will ground the charge. I4Grind your beans the night before and let the coffee sit there til morning. No static!3

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However, this is not the case for this particular coffee grinder. Also, dryness tends to be conducive to static buildup. For example, it's much easier to shock yourself on a doorknob in the middle of winter (very dry air) than in the summer (usually humid air, unless you live in a desert or something). Wetting the beans a bit may help too.

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non static coffee grindercapresso coffee grinder static12345Reducing Static in your Grinder For all the fun there is to be had with coffee, theres one thing thats sure to ruin your mood: static. It causes your grounds to fly everywhere, sticking to your hands and making a mess of your counter before youve even started brewing.

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Was this helpful?People also askWhat is the difference between Burr vs Blade coffee grinders?What is the difference between Burr vs Blade coffee grinders?The key difference between blade and burr grinder is the grinding mechanism. Blade grinders have rotating blades located in the grinding chamber. These blades dice coffee beans to achieve a ground. On the other hand, burr grinders have gear/grinders/

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James Hoffmann Demonstrates How To Eliminate Coffee Ground

Jun 01, 2017· James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion and author of the World Coffee Atlas (an incredible book), released a video in May demonstrating how to eliminate coffee ground static that occurs when you grind your coffee. My primary grinder, the incredible Baratza Virtuoso, is notorious for creating a lot of static and causes my coffee counter to

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