5 More Uses For Your French Press!

Make Tea Yes, a no14 {Other} Ways to Use a French Coffee Press The thing thats especially great about using my new french press is how big it is. It will hold up to Make an herbal infusion for medicinal preparations and soap making by using bulk herbs and Coffee (and hot cocoa) drinkers will love the ability to add frothy milk to the top of their drinks. Add a We enjoy organic quinoa almost daily, but its a complete pain to rinse. Ive begun using my new More items

14 {Other} Ways to Use a French Coffee Press

How to Use a French Press: Tools, Ratios, and Step

How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker - Brew Coffee with

The French press or French pot is the original European home coffee brewer. It is known as a coffee plunger in Australia and New Zealand and a cafetiere in the British Isles. These days, it lost a bit of its popularity, compared to other coffee making appliances. Espresso and

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5 More Uses For Your French Press! | Kitchn

Feb 11, 2013· 5 More Uses For Your French Press! Make Tea . Fill the French press with tea bags, or even better, loose leaf tea, and proceed as usual. Froth Milk . And even make whipped cream! Rinse Quinoa . But the fine mesh of the French press solves the problem. Add water to

10 Uses For Your French Press

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